If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry

Dale Hudson
Bruce Barry
Justyn Smith

About the Authors

With over 75 years of combined leadership in the world of Children's Ministry. Hudson, Barry and Smith have lived this book by helping build thriving children’s ministries. Let them guide you in creating the Children's Ministry you have always DREAMED ABOUT!

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“Finally, a book on children's ministry that is kid-tested and kid-approved. This book will help churches build a children's ministry of the highest caliber."

LeonardSweet - Best Selling Author, Professor

“I have known Dale for over a decade. He has been a leading voice in creating the kind of environments that say ‘kids matter.’ This book will challenge you to capture the imagination of children so they will grow up believing in a big God.”

ReggieJoiner - Founder/CEO of the ReThink Group

“I've known these guys for more than a decade and watched their ministries bless thousands of kids and leaders including me. Their commitment to excellence is very Disney-like. Dale, Justyn & Bruce have lived the principles found in this book for years. This book will help you take your ministry to a new level."

JimWideman - Author, Coach & Kidmin Pioneer

“Whether you are brand new to ministry or a veteran, you will not want to miss the practical steps Dale, Justyn and Bruce lay out in this book. Using the example of Disney, we are reminded that church should be the most fun experience of a child's week. Learn how to capture kids' attention and connect with families in order to lead children into a growing relationship with Christ”

AllysonEvans - NextGen Group Leader, Life Church

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